Infantiles: cumpleaños, bautismos y sesiones


Family Sessions

"A day in the life"

I would like to invite you to spend some time together, which will let me capture spontaneous and real family moments to be kept forever. This photos will show you the REAL moments you share and the REAL LOVE that only exist with you owns. My aim is to capture those feelings you will keep forever...


Normally people photograph special events ─such as birthdays, baptisms or anniversaries─, but what really defines us as a family is our daily life. Those simple moments and everyday activities that are full of emotion and reality.

For that reason, I try to catch natural, happy, fun and touching situations of children and adults, as well as to portray the bond between the different members of a family while they are playing or doing their daily tasks.  


These sessions can take a couple of hours, an entire day or even some days during vacations. Being where you feel at home is always the best option but we can also look for a nice friendly place to have an unforgettable family day.  ​


To hire a family session send a message by filling in the CONTACT form to fix a date and a place together.